The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding Trailer

The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding Trailer

This movie is the polar opposite to the high budget, heli slow mo’s, epic scenery/ nature shots that we saw in The Forth Phase from Travis Rice and Red Bull.
This movie was shot on a cheap $250 camera over 3 years, using all the random raw footage that  Jérôme Tanon collected over the course of three years of filming snowboard movies and edits. The purpose of this film is explained in detail in the trailer. However the gist of it is to shed some light on what it takes to make a snowboarding movie.
This looks like it will be a huge insight into snowboard movie production and a look at the required hard work, but also slightly ridiculous concept of flying around the world to build pretty much the same jump each time, as Jérôme puts it.
Check out the trailer here…
New Release 5 ESJAN T-SHIRT by atrip

ESJAN T-SHIRT by atrip

Check out this sweet classic design T from the atrip brand. atrip is Halldor Helgason's latest brand and the gear looks dope! This t-shirt would be perfect for any summer shred session or for just chilling anywhere and anyhow.

Editors Pick 3 Summer Snowboarding Ideas

Summer Snowboarding Ideas

The summer is upon us and it may feel like now would be a good time to cry and hide in a man-cave of pizza and xbox until the magical white stuff returns from on high. While that would be pretty sweet, minus the crying part, a better option would be to read on. Below you’ll find out how to keep your snow legs ...

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