Snowboarding / Skateboarding Trampoline Training Set Up

The perfect freestyle snowboarding / skateboarding  training aid is your own personal sunken trampoline. Gone are the days of ‘backflip to headfirst dismount to face plant’. We can’t guarantee you won’t keep face planting but at least you’ll have less of a distance to fall. Trampolines are one of the best training tools known to extreme sports fans. Even if your not interested in freestyle, a tramp session can be great exercise, great for balance, leg and core training – and a lot of fun.

Serious About Freestyle?


Take an old skate deck, take the wheels and trucks off and boom you’ve got a free tramp training board, so much fun for messing around with, but also great for getting the muscle memory for learn gin new board flip/spin tricks. Check out this video for some inspiration.


Well you don’t really need any equipment to train but we’d say focus on getting into a steeze position and look for those grabs to keep yourself tucked up for bigger and quicker spins. If you want you could grab yourself a pair of ankle weights to help build up your popping power and to help simulate spinning/flipping with some weight on your feet.


Similar to skateboarders, however you will want to some how strap the board to your feet. You could go ghetto on this and get some string or duck tap out. Alternatively you could buy on of these tramp training boards from Snowboard Addiction. Check out this vid with the Snowboard Addiction boards in action.

So now that the summer is coming round, get your tramp sunken in and get upside down!

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