SunGod Revolts Goggles Review

SunGod Revolts Goggles Review

Sungod Revolt goggles are fresh to the market this season and have been met with rave reviews. They are the worlds first custom, interchangeable, and fully replaceable goggles designed by you. Their 4KOsnow lenses are ready for all conditions and help enhance contrast to make sure you can see whats coming! Available in endless variations, you can chose from a variety of 6  lenses tints, 10 straps, and 3 super-flexible TPU frames to make your pair just how you like them.


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easy to replace lenses

SunGod Lenses.


comparison lenses


SunGod - Revolts - Straps

super-flexible TPU frames

Sungod - Revolts - Frames

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More about SunGod

SunGod is British up-and-coming, one to watch, disruptor of a company looking to upset the big boys of the eyewear market.
Having launched a range of customisable sunglasses, the SunGod team have recently competed a massively overfunded Kickstarter campaign to expand their range into goggles. Gaining a large following and fan base this company is set to cause major waves in the eyewear category. 

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