Sölden’s The Wedge – Snowboard and Freeski Edits

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Check below for the snowboard and free ski edits from Sölden’s Giant Obstacle for 2016. Also known as The Wedge! #bangers

#TheWedge: Full Edit of Sölden’s Giant Obstacle 2016 – Snowboard Edition

#TheWedge: Full Edit of Sölden’s Giant Obstacle 2016 – Freeski Edition

GoPro Snowboard Action on Sölden’s “The Wedge”

New Release 5 ESJAN T-SHIRT by atrip

ESJAN T-SHIRT by atrip

Check out this sweet classic design T from the atrip brand. atrip is Halldor Helgason's latest brand and the gear looks dope! This t-shirt would be perfect for any summer shred session or for just chilling anywhere and anyhow.

Editors Pick 3 Summer Snowboarding Ideas

Summer Snowboarding Ideas

The summer is upon us and it may feel like now would be a good time to cry and hide in a man-cave of pizza and xbox until the magical white stuff returns from on high. While that would be pretty sweet, minus the crying part, a better option would be to read on. Below you’ll find out how to keep your snow legs ...

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