Choose Snowboard Padded Shorts

Choose Snowboard Padded Shorts

Most of the individuals are choosing snowboarding. Some are consider it as a source of spending time in open area or performing sports related activities. Some individuals are considering it as proper supports and they are trying to make a bright future in it. For these ones, there are some specific padded snowboard pants available in the market.

These types of pants are providing lots of protection to the snowboarder. On the basis of such protection, they can avail lots of benefits and making numerous things easier. The pants are designed with the addition of a specific protection system that allows to perform activities effectively. Upcoming details can help you in getting that how to choose the best snowboard padded pants.

Tips for choosing Snowboard Padded Shorts

  • Padding

The interested ones need to be focused on the padding of pants. For increasing the thickness of padding the companies are adding more cushion. Due to it, the pant starts looking bulky and available with additional weight. If we talk about the range of thickness of pads then it starts from 0.25 inch to 0.5 inch. You should focus on it while choosing padded snowboard shorts.

  • Coverage

The padded shorts are designed by adding lots of comfort providing features. All these things are making it gentle for the body with several benefits. It has a specific design that covers different parts properly such as –

  • Tailbone
  • Thighs
  • Hips

For providing proper comfort in some areas of pants, extra padding is added. Due to all these things, the snowboarders are able to prevent injuries in such areas.

  • Material

While buying the snowboard padded pants, the individuals are required to focus on lots of things such as – material. For manufacturing the padded pants, the companies are choosing the way of different types of materials.


Some of these materials are hard and some other containing soft elements. Mainly there are three types of pants available on the basis of material such as –

  • Hardshell padded shorts – it is a low profile padded pant with hardshell protection on tailbone and thighs.
  • Thermal plastic rubber shorts – it is light weighted and low profile pants.
  • Shorts with D3O material – thin pliable impact resistant material with lightweight features.

All types of shorts have different features and snowboarding tailbone protection measures.

  • Addition protection

Mainly the snowboard padded pants are associated with additional protection. For such a task, the companies are adding lots of soft foam to the pants. With it, some specific models of snowboard pants are associated with a piece of plastic. It works as the tailbone guard with numerous benefits. The addition of plastic material is providing an extra layer for more protection and providing comfort to the users.

All these things can help you in comparing different types of options related to the padded pants. With it some individuals are considering additional butt pads for snowboarding. In case you have any kind of issue then you can choose the way of expert’s advice.


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