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Your Personal Portable Brewery

ManCan is to beer what the Camelbak is to water, and we love it! Why bring water when you can bring beer?! How many times have you been on a trip..anywhere.. and had warm, shaken up, probably flat beers at the end of it? A fresh pint is the perfect way to end a hard day in the great outdoors and ManCan have made that completely achievable. In brief, ManCan is a personal and portable brewery. It keeps your beer, the way it should be… carbonated and fresh. The can itself is made from near indestructible stainless steel and comes in 128oz (one-gallon) or 64oz (half-gallon) sizes. Although not yet available in the UK (thought we’ve been told they are brewing up a plan to reach the UK as we write this! stoked!) you can get your hands on a ManCan in the US from here or read more on the ManCan website.
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