Edible Six Pack Rings – by SaltWater Brewery

How awesome is this! A way to enjoy beer and help clean up the oceans. This short video explains it all, but if you can’t load the video (arrggrgg dam slow internet) then here is the concept in a nut shell. (or skip to the bottom of the video).

As stated in the video, 6.3 Billion gallons of beer was consumed by Americans last year, 50% of which was in cans. Most of the plastic six pack rings used to package the beers together end up in the ocean.

Unfortunately many of the ocean’s inhabitants run into these rings and either try to eat them or get stuck inside them. Just take a look a these pretty horrifying images below.

Luckily for us the awesome guys at Salt Water Brewery have developed the first 100% biodegradable and edible 6 pack rings. They are as durable and effective as the traditional plastic rings and marine life (and humans) can eat them.

We hope that you will like and share this post because we massively believe that this is one of the best product innovations we’ve featured or will feature on Bangers & Stash site. Let’s support this cause and get the other major breweries to take notice and use these edible six pack rings too.


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